marți, 23 martie 2010

Inceteaza sa mai imi lipsesti atat de mult.

 Photo made by Diana D.
I can feel you ruining my mind with every kiss that tortures my sanity making me beg for more and more, knowing that when you're gonna stop kissing me something will break inside. You're inside me more than everything and your smile became my air long time ago when i first saw it. I knew this will happen since that night when i closed my eyes and you were glued on the back of my eyelids.

You will be my sun in my next life and i'll be a turtledove who will fly only when she feels the sun love and when the sunshines will dance on the back of her wings.

 I have chills running in my mind and joy tears smiling when i see you walking trough a crowdy place smiling at me knewing that i a few seconds you will be in my arms kissing my heart and make the time stops with nothing else matters.

 I wish i could have wings so i could fly to you in the night watching your sleep hoping that i am in your dreams making you happy.

 Now the wind is whispering to me with his sweet voice of the birds song. He is making me swim in the lake of your eyes who is full of clouds dancing on the song sang by you with the " i miss you honey" lyrics.

 The world is mine.